Experienced Leader for District 8

Tim Reisch is ready to work for you as a member of the House of Representatives

Tim Reisch as Sheriff

About Tim

I’ve lived a life of public service. I was elected as Sheriff of Miner County in 1982 at age 24. During my 18th year on the job, Governor Bill Janklow convinced me to take a position in Pierre as the Deputy Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Corrections.

When Mike Rounds became our Governor 2½ years later, he appointed me as Cabinet Secretary of the DOC. Governor Dennis Daugaard reappointed me Secretary of Corrections when he took office in January of 2011. At that time, I was a Brigadier General in the South Dakota National Guard. Three months later Governor Daugaard appointed me the Adjutant General of the South Dakota National Guard. When Governor Kristi Noem took office in January of 2019, she reappointed me as Adjutant General. I retired in June of that year with over 40 years in uniform.

I have a bachelor’s degree in public administration and master’s degrees in administrative studies and strategic studies. More important than all of that is the fact that I’m a good listener and hard worker. I’m ready to go to work for you as a member of the House of Representatives from District 8.


First and foremost, my focus will be on representing the citizens of District 8 in the best manner possible. I am willing to listen and am open to all perspectives, but I am steadfast in my desire to keep taxes low & government limited, protect life from the moment of conception and ensure South Dakota continues to be the best place to live and raise a family. In addition, I hope to bring the following priorities to Pierre:


Doing what’s right for the future of our state

My wife Anne and I have five children and ten grandchildren. I support local school districts, technical education and the state university system. (I have diplomas from all three.) It is critical that as we make policy decisions today, we always consider the impact of those decisions on future generations. I promise to do that.

Acknowledging the dedication of veterans and first responders

I served as a member of the South Dakota National Guard for over 40 years. My Dad was activated during the Korean War and both of my sons are combat veterans. I served as Miner County Sheriff for over 17 years and volunteered as an EMT/ambulance attendant. I have a special place in my heart for those who have served in uniform whether it be as members of the armed forces, in law enforcement, on a fire department, in the medical community. I serve part-time as the Miner County Veterans Service Officer which allows me to provide assistance to veterans of all ages.

Tim and Ann Standing Next to Their Sons
Tim's Legislative Headshot

Working for District 8

I serve as the chair of the House Military & Veterans Affairs Committee. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve a second two-year term in the state legislature. 

“Please vote for Tim Reisch on June 4. He will continue to represent District 8 with excellence.”

- Dennis Daugaard, 32nd Governor of South Dakota

Tim Reisch with Governor Dennis Daugaard